UOE 517 H (Press bike)

UOE 417 H

Original colour: Orange Blue and Green (swapped between various press bikes)

Registered: March 70 On lable Registered April 70 Birmingham

Vin number: 001 (rest of number known)

Engine number: Unknown

Location of first registration: Birmingham

Press bike seen in lots of images on differing bikes.

Additional known History
Purchased from Stafford Auto-jumble from person in Solihull who had, had it for 36 years, he bought it from Used bike dealer in Walsal Who apparently got it from employee of BSA. Bargain of the day on last day i spotted it in back of his van just before everyone was packing up. £60.
Now here in Ashford Kent Awaiting logbook with help from EACC as Birmingham apparently destroyed their records. EACC thinks he can build a case to keep its reg number based on photo evidence and historic status. Bike 3 bits Frame Rear and tub assy. Motor seized ( not problem I have new ones.) Have windshield but is missing 2 of the screen fixing/ clamps from screen to uprights. Paint work s awful. So full repaint and sort motor out jobs a good un.

UOE 517 H

UOE 517 H

UOE 517 H