Suppliers and Parts

Below are a few of the places one might obtain BSA Ariel 3 parts from.

In no specific order:

Is run by Mark Daniels and is always a pleasure to chat to get advice and by parts from.

Auto & Industrial Friction Services, Bedfordshire
Send them your old brake-shoes, get back a set fit for another four decades! cheaper than NOS and not 40 years old asbestos.

Myron’s Moped’s of California
Good for information on both the engine and carburettor is Myrons Mopeds in the USA (under Laura M48)

Treatland’s of California
Another good USA supplier of engine parts (and upgrade parts for the engine is Treatland (under Batavus Moped)

Another engine supplier of parts based in the USA is Mopedjunkyard, again under Laura M48 engine.

Bearing and oil seals
Bearing King stock the two main crankcase oil seals used in the stock M48 Laura engine, over time these oil seals will degrade due to the ethanol now used in higher percentage in petrol. Nitrile and Viton Oil seals are available for very low price. Changing the seals is actually not as difficult as it seams, several bikes have had their seals changed and all are responding well to usage. (a later article will explain the process).

Simply Bearing
Another supplier of seals in case Bearing-king is out of stock.

Cable and fuel pipe clips
If you are missing the clips to hold the cables / fuel line / wiring away from the engine when inside the engine box, then some of these might be your answer?

Drive belt
Do you need a new drive belt? don’t buy NOS that was made 40 years ago, buy a brand new belt off the shelf for half the money of the old stock.