BHJ 571 K

BHJ 571 K

Original colour: Orange

Registered:Aug 1972

Vin number: 002*** (full number known)

Engine number: Known

Location of first registration: Southend-on-Sea

Email from present owner March 2019:

The bike with the registration number BHJ 571K has now been bought back to life and runs well, at the moment. Lol.
I have cleaned the frame and engine and the following details are now able to be clearly read, which I would like to be placed on the site record for this bike please.
The frame number is xxxxx (with xxx stamped above).
The VIN number, clearly visible on the sticky label, is xxxxxx,
The bike was last taxed on the road until AUG 72 at Southend on Sea.

I am now looking to try and obtain a fan guard, a rubber front suspension thingy, some retaining clips, and a shed load of knowledge on how to get it road legal.

What a machine.