..to this website, where some useful information can be found for the humble BSA Ariel 3 moped.

The three wheeled “trike of terror” is normally found in lofts, backs of garages unloved, or flat out down a country lane, terrorising the local cyclists (but only on the downhills).

Here is a good introduction to the bikes, care of our good friend Paul Brodie and the rest of the Team at “On Yer Bike”

Here we all are out on the roads doing what we do best, having fun!

If you have a bike or can add to the history database being created here then get in touch with us, we would love to see your bike and know more about it.

send us an email to : paul@bsaariel3.co.uk or nick@bsaariel3.co.uk

OR if you use Facebook try our social group:

BSA Ariel 3 Facebook Group